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Hello! My name is Wendy Boyer and for over 35 years I have been passionate about the care, well-being and education of young children. Through my years of teaching preschool, kindergarten, and first and second grade, I have seen the importance of educating the whole child - academically, socially and emotionally to help children blossom, bloom and reach their full potential.


After taking a sabbatical from public school teaching, I worked for a non-profit organization and traveled and taught Social Emotional Learning (SEL) in classrooms across northern Minnesota. It was during that experience that I decided to put my teachings, puppet skits and stories into books!


 Peaceful Learning Books are perfect for young children ages 3-7.  Each book has a “Let’s Learn Together” section that includes important teaching tips for parents and teachers to help further advance children’s development. Plus, because I believe the best kind of learning is the kind of learning you have while having fun, each book is educational plus entertaining and includes characters I think children will love! Check out Buddy Bear, Katie and more today!


Wendy Boyer

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