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Beally Breathing


Identifying Emotions: Identifying feelings is an important skill for children to learn.  When identifying feelings in themselves, have children stop and take a belly breath, and think about what is happening that is causing them to feel a certain way. For clues on how to identify how another person is feeling, look at the person’s face and body and listen to their voice. Remember, feelings are important.  Whatever someone is feeling is okay, it is their feelings.


Belly Breathing: Belly breathing is for children and adults. Belly breathing brings more oxygen to your brain which decreases stress, increases focus and helps you feel better and do your best. There are many ways to belly breathe. Follow the directions below to do Hand on Heart/ Hand on Belly breathing.

  1. Put one hand on your heart and one hand on your belly.

  2. Take a slow, big breath in through your nose and fill your belly with air for a count of 4.

  3. Hold for a count of 2.

  4. Slowly exhale out your mouth for a count of 6.

  5. Three consecutive belly breaths are recommended.  Repeat as needed.

  6. Afterwards, check in and see how you are feeling.


Belly breathing is private.  If possible, find a place where you can be alone, close your eyes or look at the floor.



Wendy Boyer


Belly Breath

Sung to the tune:

Row, Row, Row Your Boat


When you are feeling down,

when you have a frown,

slowly take a belly breath

and turn yourself around.

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